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Katherine’s Bleeding Heart

June 10, 2009


Katherine sent me a bleeding heart.  Talk about carrying coals to Newcastle.  She writes:  It’s been so chilly I am suprised there have been any flowers. This was taken on one of the only days that was warm and sunny which was, I think, about a week ago. I didn’t even know bleeding hearts came […]

Forgotten forget-me-nots

May 28, 2009


It is useful to have younger sisters.  That way when your memory goes to blazes you have someone to help you keep track.  My sister Cheri in particular has a sturdy filing cabinet in her capacious mind, and is often referred to as The Family Archive.  She lives in North Carolina, so it is inconvenient […]

Sweet invasion and the return of a native

May 15, 2009


A few days ago I learned, from a lovely post at Flandrum Hill, that the myrtle growing in my yard is not just an unkempt inheritance from a previous owner, but periwinkle, a native plant that belongs right where it is, holding my sandy slope in place. Good on it. The sweet woodruff growing beside […]

Spring tiptoes over the drumlins

April 28, 2009


Since I came back from my vacation with a fine old case of the flu, this morning’s walk began grudgingly. Then I looked off to the right and saw a patch of Dutchman’s breeches. The rest of the walk went much better. Once you see the first spring wildflowers, your spirits lift, you look for […]