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I say spring arrived on May 18

June 3, 2014


It certainly wasn’t very springlike on May 2, when it snowed.  The snow melted practically as fast as it landed, but that was probably because I threatened it with a welding torch.  It wasn’t very springlike on May 5, when plenty of ice bobbed about in the Bay.  It wasn’t even our ice.  It was the ice from […]

Mud season trots in on little fox feet

April 12, 2014


Bruce the Weatherman (not to be confused with Bruce the Maple Syrup Tycoon) writes: Andi and I have fled to Ann Arbor to avoid Eastport’s usual April mud. But it looks like the mud there is still covered. While we are away, we have network cameras keeping their eyes on things. We also have a […]

Last ice on Torch Lake

March 15, 2010


Early in the week the ice on Torch Lake shattered into tinkling shards over at the Day Park.  Babs Young and Chris Szejbach were there, capturing a swirl of jade here . . .    . . . glints of blood rubies, crystals, amethysts, tumbling in the sunlight, then vanishing. At Eastport, Katherine writes, The ice wasn’t gone from the north […]


March 21, 2008


On Wednesday night I heard the first peepers caroling away in the wetlands beyond the Eastport Market.  These tiny frogs actually freeze to over-winter, so the fact that they’re thawed out and feeling frisky is good news to the snow-weary.  If you haven’t heard any yet, you can listen to a peeper recording here.