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Sap’s Up!

April 4, 2014


Bruce Bigelow likes to have something to do.  When he was just a young sprout he used to help his aunt and uncle make maple syrup.  He loves maple syrup.  He looked around at all the maples in his yard and thought to himself, I am going to tap some trees and make some maple syrup.  […]

Creative Recycling and A Tillyloss Scandal

May 13, 2012


Books must be dead. I have referred you to digital images of their carcasses for your reading assignment, and to a video for a scandalous biography.

Winter nuggets of this and that

February 24, 2010


Sometimes I store up nuggets thinking to make a profound and moving post. This is not one of those times. These are just little things I thought you might like to know about. “Learn Local” This advertising message from Ferris State University’s off-campus adjunct appeared in the Record-Eagle recently. I gnashed my teeth and grumbled […]

The Big Red Dumptruck, the Little Green Rake, and Backhoe Fade

February 10, 2010


OK, I’ve been spending a lot of time on serious issues lately and I know you.  You want the latest inside dope on Township events.  You want to know what the weather’s like up here while you’re lollygagging in Florida.  You want . . . heavy equipment photos.  I know you so well.  Here you […]

Winds of change blow at the recycling center

December 2, 2008


After 20 years of running the Central Lake transfer facility (known to everyone in Torch Lake Township as the recycling center) Garry Arnold is retiring. Miss Sadie and the Cowboy will miss him, because he is a pushover for dogs and always has a pat and a treat for them. I will miss him, too, […]