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Fighting the deer for the chestnuts

October 30, 2010


If you are of a mind to forage for food, you cannot find a better partner than Lois Dawson. First of all, she knows how to do this stuff. Second, she never gives up. Never. Third, she keeps up a steady stream of encouragement as you flounder about. This is how I acquired an enormous pink bag full of chestnut burrs.

Prickly harvest

September 27, 2010


It was time to go to the chestnut orchard again, and off we went. I know, I know, I promised to tell you all about the Terrible Horrible etc., and I will, but the chestnut orchard was something to see today, and if I don't get a post up right away I'll probably find a way to lose the pictures and then where would we be?

The gentleman farmer, the potato leaf hopper and the midnight burrower

July 10, 2010


Before I ring the bell, I always stop to admire the view.  I was back at Bob Haack’s chestnut orchard on Friday morning, catching up on progress and trying to keep the Fundamentals of Chestnut Husbandry straight.  (Bob, you will recall, is a Forest Entomologist at the day job and a Chestnut Grower at home.)  You would think […]

Stopping by orchard on rainy morning

May 7, 2010


Since it seems determined to s#%@ tonight, I headed over to Farrell Road to inspect Bob Haack’s nut orchard. I’d had an email from Bob saying that the chestnuts were leafing out, and that one of his heartnuts was flowering for the first time.  I wanted to capture it before Mama Nature pitched her hissy-fit. It would be a […]

No flipflops allowed in the chestnut orchard, and no Cowboys either

April 24, 2010


Bob Haack came into the market one day last week and bought a roll of painter’s tape.  It turns out that he has an orchard with 200 nut trees, most of them chestnuts, and he was going to do some grafting.   Could I, I asked, come see the orchard?  Indeed I could.  So yesterday morning, there […]