Babs on the march

Posted on April 4, 2011


Babs is in training for the 5k.  She went to Lansing and marched.  She writes:  This is what democracy looks like. These are some of my fellow Democrats demonstrating Saturday in Traverse City at a rally to protest the new laws the Michigan Governor has enacted. So it seems if they can get about 800,000 signatures, there will be a recall of this so called tough nerd. Let’s hope they do it!! You gotta give us points for costumes too! 

I confess that I am not moved to go to Lansing carrying a sign or a pitchfork either.  These are odd political times.  Shall I tell you why?  When governance is divided, as it is, with a Democratic Presidency, a Republican House, a Democratic Senate, a Republican Michigan government, and so forth across the nation, all partisans are flummoxed.  If things get better, who will receive the credit?  If things get worse, there is nothing but blame to go around, falling on all heads indiscriminately.

The People are in a mood, and it is cantankerous.