Cue Theremin¹

Posted on August 2, 2010


I am astonished.  Babs has produced her annual Sunflower Image and there is not a Triffid² in sight.  Just an innocent field of sunflowers, receding into the distance by the barn.  The Barn.  What is going on in that barn???? 

Triffid breeding, I’m sure of it.  Here are your footnotes:

²Day of the Triffids

Update: It has come to my attention that I should have included links to the other Annual Sunflower Images, so here they are:

Every week photographer Babs Young captures moments in northern Michigan, and every week she sends one to Torch Lake Views just for you. You can find more of her photos at the Babs Young Photo Archives and on her Blue Heaven Flickr photostream.

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