In search of زهرة عباد الشمس and fall color in Japan

Posted on September 26, 2009


One of my favorite things about the internet is that it links me to faraway places.  I love getting email from 鈴木 千佳子.  I love seeing mysterious search terms that people use to find their way to Torch Lake Views.  Today someone was looking for a زهرة عباد الشمس.  When I used the Google translator, and guessed that the writing was in Arabic, I came up with “sunflower.”  I am enchanted.  As there are always sunflowers around here somewhere, I know the unknown searcher found one—though perhaps an unconventional one.

The Google translator is suspect, of course.  It is, after all, free, and runs imperfectly.  When I tried to translate a Japanese posting on 鈴木 千佳子’s Facebook wall I came up with some VERY funny results: Thanks! I have seen pictures of me? The bus was on display since the cat took pictures. Do you know of a joyful at your face?  

Some things transcend language.  Chikako (鈴木 千佳子) misses Michigan autumn, and requested some pictures.  She also sent me these lovely images of fall color in Japan.

Chikako fall plants 1

Chikako fall plants 3

As you know, I have taken the position that it is still summer in northern Michigan.  However, I confess that autumn is creeping in on little cat feet.  Soon there will be images of fall color in Torch Lake Township. Soon . . . but not yet. We saw some perfectly good corduroy sand under the Bay this morning. I’m going wading.